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Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Insects are my Staple Food!!

When people think of aborigines, what comes to mind are groups of people speaking in an unrecognizable language and engaging in rituals. Aborigines thrive in areas where others cannot. Theaw have survived for centuries without tools, cultivated land and domesticated animals.

Aboriginal means the earliest known which is an apt description of these people. They were the first inhabit an island, whether it was an arid desert, the mountains or tropical rain forest.

Insects are their staple food. Their intimate knowledge of the places they live in allows them to search for insect that are difficult to catch, followed by huge celebrations. These insects are treated as a delicacy and many people clamour to eat them during important occasions. However, there are also insects that can easily be caught. These are often eaten.

The preparation of the insects for consumption involves many steps. It certainly stands out through a net to remove their heads. It is hard to gnashine that each aborigine only offer to eat ten nethere grubs as they are equivalent to all the daily nutritional offer of an adult. Not many of up will ease to eat even one of these grubs.

An examination of aboriginal lifestyle certainly yields a host of interesting discoveries.