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Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Sun Baby..?

Space News from Herschel Telescope catches more attention enough to make researchers in the world, because the telescope captured the embryo of new stars in our solar system. The star can be said as the sun was as if the notice and the meticulous to the size if it is formed later could have been great would be beyond the sun that already exist in the structure of our Milky Way solar system, Whoa there two days later the sun well, weird.

According info infrared detector which is owned by Herschel telescope capable of capturing low-temperature material that could give birth to stars, RCW 120 or image of gas bubbles is suppose to help to explain how the process of a massive star is formed. Waa very well sophisticated technology that is owned by a man now, to the extent that embryo emergence of new stars could be detected.

If we see the potential of this giant star in the telescope image looks like a blob white on the bottom edge of the bubble. Embryo was estimated to be grown into one of the biggest stars and most bright on hundreds of thousands of galaxies in the coming year. What such an article about the emergence of bright objects in outer space yah?

According to researchers at the annunciator candidates also a big star like the sun has a mass about eight to ten times greater than the mass of the sun, and surrounded by so much material. Waw we can imagine a big yah its like what, the sun in our solar system alone is very large, apparently there is another candidate who is still so embryonic star will exceed the amount.

Info stating if there was a lot of gas and dust falling on the embryos of new stars so the new object space has the potential to become one large or giant object in the Milky Way, he said well if this happens then the presence of competitors from the sun's new star can affect the state of the environment.

Herschel Scientist, Dr. Annie Zavagno, from the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille declared, "This is a big star that controls the chemical evolution and dynamics of galaxies," he also added another "This is a big star that created heavy elements like iron and these elements will be in the room between the stars. And because of massive stars end their lives with a supernova explosion, they also inject enormous energy into the galaxy. "

Embryos new star sun embryo baby was allegedly 10 times larger than our sun and could be formed with the perfect become like the sun with a distance of approximately 100 years. Whoa if so there are two sun in our solar system can be annoying donk ya if there is something like going to more powerful solar storm again.