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Minggu, 07 November 2010

News: Indonesia’s deadly Mount Merapi erupted

Indonesia’s deadly Mount Merapi erupted Wednesday with its biggest volcanic blast yet, forcing hasty evacuations of more villagers and panicked refugees who already fled the initial blast a week ago.

The explosive eruption lasted more than an hour and shot searing ashes miles into the sky. Panicked people in Umbulhardjo refugee camp screamed and children cried when they saw the volcanic materials hurled into the sky and down the mountain’s slopes.Indonesia’s deadly Mount Merapi erupted

“This is an extraordinary eruption, triple from the first eruption” on Oct. 26, said government volcanologist Surono said.Indonesia’s deadly Mount Merapi erupted

The government widened the danger zone to 15 kilometers from 10 kilometers as the massive blast endangered places that had not been not evacuated earlier as well as refugee camps within that distance. Indonesia’s deadly Mount Merapi erupted

Soldiers were moving people in trucks from the camp which is 10 kilometers from the crater to Wukirsari, about 15 kilometers from the peak.

No new casualties were immediately reported from Wednesday’s activity. Most of the 38 deaths attributed to the volcano occurred the first day.

Mount Merapi - Mount Merapi map