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Senin, 29 November 2010

Papercrafts: Duskull

355 / DUSKULL - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Ghost
Species: Requiem Pokémon
Height: 0.8 m (2′07″)
Weight: 15 kg (33.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Duskull is styled after a traditional personification of Death, the Grim Reaper. It resembles a small hooded masked form in a black robe with a crossbones drawing on its back. In its "shiny" alternate coloring, its robe is curiously bright red. Its mask resembles the front of a skull. It also seems to have a single eye that floats between the eye sockets in its mask. It evolves into Dusclops starting at level 37, who evolves into Dusknoir when traded holding a Reaper Cloth.

Height: 15 cm/5.9 in
Width: 17.1 cm/ 6.7 in
Depth: 18.3 cm/7.2 in
No. of Pages: 5
No. of Pieces: 32
Level: Medium
Designer: PMF
Builder: Paperbuff
NOTES: Start with the skull and the eyes then build around it, working your way to the bottom of the model. Build the arms starting from the shoulder down to the hands, then attach to body. Make sure to score and fold the bottom pieces. Close by using the tab-less bottom piece. Glue it fold by fold.

Download: A4 / Letter